2015 Last Chance Summer Dance

oceanside_pier_t250The Last Chance Summer Dance will be held in San Diego at the Oceanside Amphitheater and Pier, also known as Junior Seau Pier/Amphitheater. The event runs from 9/19/2015 to 9/23/2015 beginning at 3:00 pm daily and ending at 10:00 pm.

During the event, attendees will enjoy fires on the beach, a diverse selection of food offerings, and activities tailored for the entire family. The purpose of the event is to unite families and community in the San Diego area. Entertainment will include a vast array of guests including motivational speakers discussing love, hope and faith.

Music will be provided by several performers including singers and bands. A singing evangelist from Australia delivers a nightly message of transformation through prayer.

Additional details can be found at http://www.kpbs.org.